Gaia Robotics is a team of remote sensing and geospatial analysis experts working for agricultural producers.

Gaia Robotics assists customers using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and manned aircraft systems in acquiring, processing, and analyzing agricultural data, often by the next business day. Through our in-house research and development, we produce the most advanced data products available in the field.






We provide our customers with actionable intelligence for critical management decisions.

The capability to collect high resolution multispectral aerial data changes changing the way the world is approaching business. Ranging from precision agriculture to insurance applications, aerial imaging helps entrepreneurs in making better decisions than ever before. And for the first time there is a cost effective yet scientifically proven and reliable solution to achieve this.

We focus on markets like agriculture that are in dire need of cost effective methods to examine performance in crops, increase their yields, decrease both their expenses and the environmental impact of pesticide and fertilizer applications. By utilizing the latest advancements in technology and applying sophisticated processing and analysis tools, Gaia Robotics can provide the business answer you need. Our visual sensors capture high resolution aerial imagery depicting even the smallest details and as a result expose problem areas in your field otherwise invisible to the human eye.


Do I need to replant?

What is the extent of my weed problem?

Do I have a pest issue?

What is my nutrient status?

Where are my yields trending?

Gaia Robotics provides new solutions to the oldest questions in agriculture.


Confidence in your decisions requires confidence in your data. And real-world conditions with haze and cloud cover are the enemy of data accuracy. Gaia Robotics systems are accurate and consistent when the conditions are not.

Precision Agriculture

Our solutions are designed to deliver the best value for farmers, reducing crop inputs and improving both yields and profits.


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