Do what's best for your plants & your people

Gaia Robotics collects and analyzes a plethora of farm data to help you control and optimize your production and growing systems. We aim to successfully digitize all your major production workflows and use the resulting data stream to give you predictive insights on a plant level and actionable knowledge of every aspect of your greenhouse.

Advanced Digital Farming System MyGaiaBot

MyGaiaBot is a complete, expandable and scalable system that constantly evolves to best fit your needs.


Real-time monitoring, analysis and control of Plant Growth and predictive Pest & Disease, management.

Digital Operations

A carefully designed combination of digital field tools and an optimized task management system helps you better manage your workflow.

Yield Performance Statistics

Monitor and predict yield performance in real time to optimize both growing efficiency and commercial results.

High-Tech Solutions for your Greenhouse

Gaia Robotics utilizes collected farming data and advanced machine learning algorithms  to optimize your agronomy decisions and day-to-day operations, achieving better yields, healthier crops, and higher profits.

Centralized Control

Complete visualization of your entire production. Monitor everything in real-time, from the level of individual plants to multiple greenhouses.    With unprecedented      levels of traceability and control, you can streamline your performance and take quicker, better-informed actions.

Precision Agriculture

Gaia Robotics augments the quality of your crops through automated constant monitoring and early detection of changes in the physiological parameters of your plants thus identifying diseases and problems  in plant development.

Accurate Yield Predictions

Gaia Robotics optimizes farm output through recommendations for variety allocation, planting & harvest timing, inputs selection, and protocol enhancement. It provides your sales and purchasing teams with robust supply forecasts, based on highly accurate yield predictions.

Enhance your Productivity

Digitilization of your production accompanied by optimal planning of your farming workflows and tasks assignments leads to optimal human resource management and increased profitability.

We Guarantee Your Success

Your targets become ours too. Your success stories, enabled by the use of our innovative services, motivate us to become better every single day.

Digital Agriculture Consultant

Just like farming, digital agriculture needs some time to bear fruit.ata analysis is an art that takes time to master. Your dedicated digital data consultant will help you unleash the power of your field data. From answering simple questions to performing complex analyses, your consultant will always be available to you.

Data Management

Our developers will always be by your side. They are there to help you better understand and exploit to the maximum all available data and appropriately train your personnel.

Technical Support

Our help desk technicians answer your queries and make sure our platform works flawlessly. Most issues are usually resolved remotely, but when needed our technicians readily assist you on-site.