Digital Transformation of your Crop

Discover the till now invisible picture of your crop through a multitude of useful farming data!

When your growing expertise meets our data science

Gaia Robotics has developed a pioneering Digital Agriculture Platform that is crop agnostic and offers the most complete farm management and problem prediction solution, that covers everything from planting to harvesting.

Multi-Layered Crop Monitoring

Gaia Robotics helps you analyze your crop status by using a broad spectrum of available farming data sources. We create easy to understand plant health maps and crop management zones accompanied by a complete weather data stream. This enables us to offer a complete suite of analytical tools generated by scientifically collected data.

Plant development monitoring-Disease early detection

Fluctuations in the growth of a crop due to lack of water or nutrients as well as early detection of diseases.

Constant monitoring of the effect of herbicides and fertilizers

For the first time you can accurately monitor the effect of pesticide spraying or fertilizer application on your crop.

Management Zones

By utilizing automatically generated crop management zones you simultaneously achieve increased production while reducing required inputs.

How It works?


Data Collection

Data collection is achieved through a broad set of technological tools such as multi spectral sensors, satellite imaging as well as a wealth of additional satellite data.

Data Processing and Analysis

After the data collection is completed, they are automatically uploaded and  processed by our proprietary MyGaia platform.

Data Visualization

The end results are readily accessible to the user, using their personal code, through any device connected to the Internet and can also be downloaded in various formats:


Vegetation Indices

They accurately depict the differences in plant health and fluctuations in plant biomass that are not visible to the human eye.

Digital Surface Model

The calculation and visualization of the elevation difference of the main features of the soil helps to properly plan crop irrigation.

Crop Management Zones

Different parts of a crop show always variability in their development. Crop management zones help us to treat each zone precisely, differently and effectively.

Enhanced Vegetation Indices

These proprietary indices are more sensitive to subtle variations in leaf chlorophyll content and provide information on plant health prognosis as well as lack of sufficient water and nutrients.

Weather Disease Prediction Models

A plethora of raw weather data are transformed into useful models of interaction of plants with the atmosphere for better decision making and disease prevention.

Data Analytics

Each user has the unprecented ability to monitor, manage and process appropriate analytical data from the level of the smallest plant to the total production.

Professional Digital Agriculture Solutions

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