Living Lab


In this highly urbanized world, there is a growing demand to supply fresh food into the cities. Furthermore, consumers are asking for more transparency and the elimination of chemically treated food. However, demand for locally produced fresh food either far exceeds supply or is simply unavailable, while at the same time, greenhouse horticulturalists face important challenges, such as availability of space and energy costs.

To address these challenges, Gaia Robotics has created MyGaia Farm, a state of the art 4-acre hydroponic vertical farm facility, that sustainably addresses the issues of increased costs, production efficiency, food quality, work automation and safety.

This facility also serves as a living lab to exchange knowledge and develop innovations through co-creation, involving all relevant stakeholders in the innovation process. Technology developers will have the opportunity to engage in this co-creation process or to demonstrate their latest innovations in an exhibition room. Other research topics will include integrated pest management, reuse of nutrient waste solutions, possible applications for non-harvestable plant tissues, robotics applications and more.  MyGaia Living Lab will deliver both an inspiring research environment, resulting in innovative solutions for state of the art hydroponic horticulture and vertical farming.

MyGaia Farm Details

  • ✓ 10.000 sq. m. of Nethouse Growing Area
  • ✓ 25 kwh Photovoltaic Installation
  • ✓ 200 sq. m. of Living Lab Infrastructure
  • ✓ 1 FarmBot Open-Source CNC Farming Robot
  • ✓ Additive Manufacturing Lab
  • ✓ Rain Water Harvesting And On-Site Water Reservoir