Our Services


Technical Consulting

We are an experienced technical partner that immerses our team into your idea, thinks the development process through, suggests sustainable solutions, assists in managing your project and preventing future problems.  We build and support projects transforming cutting-edge technology into marketable innovation, providing new business models, customized intelligence solutions suited to your needs. We are highly organized but simultaneously keeping our structure simple, resulting in flexibility which is essential for the success of agile projects that start small and grow rapidly.

Software Development

Our services include the design and development of Integrated IT Solutions and Tailor-made Software, utilizing custom software development frameworks and including training, help-desk and software engineering outsourcing activities. We develop our own intellectual property, in-house, creating know-how and software building blocks that are leveraged in venture projects and consulting work, combining key emerging technologies (like Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Social Networks, Mobility, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, and Big Data Management) in order to help organizations meet their business strategy goals and benefit from the power of technology innovation.


Crop Monitoring

Gaia Robotics has created a complete digital agriculture toolset with unprecedented features, that collects and analyzes multiple layers of agricultural data.  We create a new insight in digital agriculture thus enabling our clients to optimize and advance their agro-technical procedures. With up to 98% accurate yield predictions, we provide accurate forecasts that help you remain competitive in today’s constantly shifting and extremely demanding market environment. Maximize your farming output through optimal plant variety allocation, planting & harvest planning, inputs selection, and procedures enhancement.

Greenhouse Digitalization

MyGaiaBot is a complete, expandable and scalable system that constantly evolves to best fit your needs. It collects and analyzes a plethora of agricultural data to successfully digitize all your major production workflows and use the resulting data stream to give you predictive insights on a plant level and actionable knowledge of every aspect of your greenhouse. Gaia Robotics utilizes machine learning algorithms to optimize your agronomy decisions and day-to-day operations, achieving better yields, healthier crops, and higher profits.


Additive Manufacturing

Gaia Robotics brings innovation in the agricultural sector, with its capability to produce customized physical models and making them directly available for use into the farms.The production of plastic parts that were previously produced in metal lowers production costs, outputs a lighter part weight, eliminates the need for machining, and increases durability in the face of corrosion. Furthermore it enables testing of obtained design towards productivity before the actual production of agricultural equipment takes place.