Greenhouse Digitalization


MyGaiaBot is a complete, expandable and scalable system that constantly evolves to best fit your needs. It collects and analyzes a plethora of agricultural data to successfully digitize all your major production workflows and use the resulting data stream to give you predictive insights on a plant level and actionable knowledge of every aspect of your greenhouse.

Gaia Robotics utilizes machine learning algorithms  to optimize your agronomy decisions and day-to-day operations, achieving better yields, healthier crops, and higher profits. With unprecedented levels of traceability and control, you can streamline your performance, take quicker, better-informed actions, optimize human resource management and sustainably achieve increased profitability.

Data Management

Our developers will always be by your side. They are there to help you better understand and exploit to the maximum all available data and appropriately train your personnel.


  • ✓ Plant Disease Detection
  • ✓ Plant Growth Monitoring
  • ✓ Nutrient - Inputs Optimization
  • ✓ Alerts - Users Notifications