MyGaia Platform


A new Insight in Precision Agriculture

Gaia Robotics has developed MyGaia, a pioneering Digital Agriculture Platform that is crop agnostic and offers the most complete farm management and problem prediction solution.

Our Platform helps you analyze your crop status by using a broad spectrum of available farming data sources. We create easy to understand plant health maps and crop management zones accompanied by an up to date weather data stream. This enables us to offer a complete suite of analytical tools generated by scientifically collected data.

How it Works?

  • ✓ Data Collection
  • Data collection is achieved through a broad set of technological tools such as multi spectral sensors, satellite imaging as well as a wealth of additional satellite data.
  • ✓ Data Processing and Analysis
  • After the data collection is completed, they are automatically uploaded and processed by our proprietary MyGaia platform.
  • ✓ Data Visualization
  • The end results are readily accessible to the user, using their personal code, through any device connected to the Internet and can also be downloaded in various formats.


  • ✓ Plant Development
  • ✓ Early Detection of Disease
  • ✓ Constant Monitoring of the effect of herbicides & fertilizers
  • ✓ Crop Management Zones