Vineyard Monitoring


The aim of this privately funded project is to successfully monitor vineyard status and crop progress of Orfanos Estate, pinpoint and provide insight on how to reduce plant stress and finally increase both yields, quality and the environmental performance of viticulture practices. Gaia Robotics developed an innovative approach that integrates Precision Agriculture technologies and Integrated Crop Management practices in order to sustain a profitable future for Orfanos Estate grape and wine production.

The key features of the project are:

✓ Smart, versatile, economical and user-friendly monitoring and decision support system for the environmental optimization of viticulture

✓ Use of innovative technologies from the scientific fields of Geo-AI, Precision Agriculture and wireless sensor networks

✓ User friendly interfaces

Project Specific Data

  • 886 UAV Flights
  • 738 Multispectral Captures
  • 147 Digital Surface Model - 3D Captures
  • 1200 Acres of Total Surveyed Agricultural Area